Expert Witness

Meet the CREDIT Expert Joe Chavarria

If you’re looking to hire a credit expert witness for your FCRA or FDCPA case, look no further!

Joe Chavarria has nearly a decade of credit-related experience around consumer credit reports and credit scoring models. Since 2012, he has been successfully growing his credit repair company, which he created from scratch. Today, he spends most of this time researching court cases and staying abreast of case law regarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act cases.

If you’re looking for a credit expert witness to help you assess damages for your client, or if you’re an FCRA or FDCPA attorney, Joe Chavarria can help you out. If you represent a credit reporting agency and need help from a credit expert witness on your side of things, Joe Chavarria can also help you there. Period.

Joe Chavarria is well versed in Fair Credit Reporting Act violations, and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations. He is also an expert at viewing situations from a consumer perspective to quantify damages for your client. Joe Chavarria also keeps the playing field level for attorneys representing credit reporting agencies in their cases by being non-biased simply because he believes in the law and upholding the law as it’s meant to be.

To schedule a no-obligation 30-minute conversation with Joe Chavarria, to present the details of your case, simply click on the link below.