Experienced Credit Expert Witness for Your FDCPA or FCRA Case

If you are an attorney looking for a qualified credit expert to testify on behalf of your client in a credit-related case, you have come to the right place.

Get the Expert Testimony You Need to Win

If you are a consumer debt attorney, you know how hard it can be to find the right credit expert witness for your case. 

Whether you are working for a company that is being sued for failure to meet FCRA requirements, potential FDCPA violations, or involved in another credit-related lawsuit, Joe Chavarria can help. 

He has been one of the top credit repair experts in the country for almost a decade, and he is the owner of a successful credit repair company. He is determined to level the playing field for your client and help them win their case. 

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Why Hire a Credit Expert Witness?

If your client is suing or being sued for FCRA and FDCPA violations, it can be challenging to find the expert help you need to build a strong case. 

In theory, there are strict federal guidelines for how companies and credit agencies may use consumer information and approach consumers while collecting debt. However, in practice, it can be challenging to establish what practices violate a consumer’s rights. 

The FRCA was established to protect the consumer’s information and allows credit agencies to share information required only for a purpose outlined in the act. The FDCPA was established to protect the consumer from being harassed by debt collectors. 

Joe Chavarria has the experience to navigate these complicated acts for your client. As a credit repair specialist, he knows the industry from the consumer’s perspective and can help a consumer whose rights have been violated. As a credit expert, he can help your client receive the largest settlement possible. 

Level the Playing Field For Your Client

If you’re looking for a credit expert witness to help you assess damages for your client, or if you’re an FCRA or FDCPA attorney, Joe Chavarria can help you out. If you represent a credit reporting agency and need help from a credit expert witness on your side of things, Joe Chavarria can also help you there. Period.

Joe Chavarria is well versed in Fair Credit Reporting Act violations and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations. He is also an expert at viewing situations from a consumer perspective to quantify damages for your client. Joe Chavarria also keeps the playing field level for attorneys representing credit reporting agencies in their cases by being unbiased simply because he believes in the law and upholding the law as it’s meant to be.

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He will go over your case and thoroughly assess any monetary damages your client is entitled to.

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As an established expert in the credit industry, Joe Chavarria provides credibility to your case. 

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Get Confidence in Your Case

With a credit expert on your side, you can be confident that you have put together the strongest case for your client. 

The Passionate, Experienced Credit Expert You Can Trust

Joe Chavarria has nearly a decade of credit-related experience around consumer credit reports and credit scoring models. Since 2012, he has been successfully growing his credit repair company, which he created from scratch. It is now one of the best credit repair companies.

Joe Chavarria is passionate about his work. Today he spends most of his time researching court cases and staying abreast of case law regarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act cases.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Credit Expert Witness?

Every case is different. Joe Chavarria customizes his cost to each client’s individual needs and specifications. Call today or click on the link below to schedule an appointment. 

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