Providing a reliable source of credit information to consumers and expert witness cases.

Are You Looking for a Reliable Credit Expert Witness, Credit Scoring Expert, Credit Reporting  Expert, Credit Damage Assessment Expert, or Consumer Credit Trainer?


Joe Chavarria credit Expert

Joe Chavarria is a renowned entrepreneur and an accomplished credit expert with about 10 years of experience in reviewing consumer credit information and reporting financial profiles of individuals. Joe’s passion for credit damage measurement and credit witness cases triggered his dedication and commitment to helping and teaching people how to understand their credit system.

Joe has vast knowledge and real-world experience in dealing with credit-related cases including, credit scoring, credit reporting, credit damage assessment, and credit repairs.

His high level of competency has attracted major organizations and attorneys to hire him for expert witness opportunities in court and he is still looking forward to working with more
attorneys that may want to hire him for expert witness opportunities in court against Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, or any other credit reporting agencies.

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Joe Chavarria’s Consumer Credit Information Capabilities

Credit Report Evaluation

FCRA Violation Assessment

Credit Damages Report Preparation

Credit Report and Scoring Analysis

Deposition and Trial Testimonial

Deposition and Discovery Preparation

Review of Mortgage Loan Application Form

What People Say About Joe Chavarria

More than anyone I’ve ever come across, Joe knows the importance of hard work and he is always dedicated to his employer or a task.

Robert Charles

Joe Chavarria is a serial entrepreneur who is dedicated and committed to helping people learn more about their credit information and achieve their financial dreams.

Eddy Craig