It can be quite helpful to have expert witnesses that are capable of presenting informed facts and evidence. However, it can be quite hard to find them at the right time. 

Usually, this task is left to lawyers, but even then you can try to assist and guide their search. Before knowing how to find them, you need to understand some things about expert witnesses first. 

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know, starting with the expertise process and ending with where you can actually find the witnesses. 

So if you’re short on time and need to get some experts fast, keep reading.

Process Of Testing

Expert witnesses are most likely using testing methods to get results from the evidence. These processes will help determine the outcomes of the case, the defendant’s association with the plaintiff, as well as any problems that exist. 

When these methods match up and are verified by other peers in the field of study, the expert will have no trouble using this evidence for reliable use in court. The lawyer can receive this information, and they will be able to make the best use of it if necessary.


Expert witness experience is very important. As only it can ensure that there will be few challenges that account for their relevance in the proceedings. 

If the case has several potential avenues for the witness to testify, this can help with developing several opinions of relevance. An expert in biology should testify upon things outside of their scope of understanding. 

Medical professionals should not testify upon financials unless they possess a background in them as well.

Education and Qualification

The expert must defend their education and qualifications before the judge. If these qualifications are lacking or not relevant, a challenge can remove your designated witness. 

The expert must work together with the lawyer to form appropriate answers to any potential questions that might be asked. 

Defending qualifications requires comprehension of the educational field and background information, it also requires the removal of confusing content that would otherwise detail certain aspects.

Bias Lack

While an expert is hired for one entity can work with the lawyer and respond in favor of their legal representation, but a witness that it works with matter above the lawyer should not have a bias in testimony or testing. 

This can lead to information being subject to exposure that would prove harmful. Some testing methods cannot support arguments. Other times, the testimony will not support any side but reveal details that help open up a new argument. 

A lack of bias is critical. 


One of the most important things in a case is communication. The inability to adapt will always deplete your likelihood of success. The expert might need access to the witnesses, contact with the lawyer, entry to materials, so on and so forth. 

When the professional works with subject material from the case, they need to communicate with all entities involves, as to increase the power of your case. 

This requires rapid communications, which is often unavailable in the majority of cases, especially those involving legal professional help.

Where to Find Expert Witnesses?

As to finding expert witnesses, there is a myriad of ways to do so. Some of these are to be performed only by your lawyer, but if you have the ability to aid their search, then you should do so. 

A team will always perform better than a single unit.


Lawyers speak to each all of the time. Asking for tips and advice on handling matters is not uncommon. This includes providing referrals to each other. 

Experts who have performed excellently in the past are most likely to be recommended and advised to be used in your case.

Opposing Experts

It’s common for lawyers to identify experts who have testified against their clients. One of the best compliments a witness can receive is to have the other lawyer ask for their business card. 

Legal Associations

Looking for specific experts can be difficult, but legal associations make this easy. Many of these list their experts on a filtered basis. 

These services are complimentary to lawyer assistance and are usually free to association members. Experts can contact these organizations and find out if they can offer their services. 


Many attorneys look for experts who have published articles and other literature. These experts have the credibility that is inherent to their publicity. 

Experts who published in their field of industry are easy to find via literature searches.

Certified Agencies

Lawyers can make use of certified agencies to find experts. For instance, the BOard of Independent Medical Examiners has over 1000 physicians who have been examined and certified in their field. 

Most agencies provide lawyers with a list of members who can be used as experts in their cases.

Jury Verdicts

Jury verdicts are public online and published in legal print. These consist of the case results, but also the names of experts. Counsel will often contact experts who have been reported in these verdicts.

Internet Search

Lawyers can use the internet to find witnesses as well. There are many databases online, which cover all fields of study. These sites will often charge a fee, but some of them are free. 

This is probably the fastest and easiest way to quickly find many candidates.


Lawyers can connect with universities to look for experts too. Instructors and professors have greater credibility before the jury. These experts have increased visibility to counsel, and are easily connected with.

Credit Expert for You

Now that you know how to find expert witnesses, you are well on your way to doing so. Anyway, no matter what method of finding an expert you choose, you need to ensure that your witness is relevant to your case.

If you’re practicing in consumer debt or any credit-related legal activities, get in touch with me, Joe Chavarria, and I will happily accommodate your needs.